Concerned Family Members

Neuropsychological Assessment for a family member who may be experiencing changes in cognition, such as early onset dementia, while still in their working years. (This service is not available currently.)

What to Expect in a Neuropsychological Assessment?

  • A detailed interview to gather information about the cognitive changes that concern you.

  • Several hours of testing based on questions, paper-pencil tasks, and table-top puzzles to analyze the changes that concern you most.

  • A 30 minute feedback session.

  • A written summary of test results and clinical recommendations.

What if the person with the cognitive changes doesn’t want to be assessed?

Assessment is only possible when a person is willing to be assessed. Sometimes, a face-to-face conversation with me about an assessment helps people overcome their hesitation. Please feel free to contact me to schedule this type of free informational meeting.

Coachingfor family members concerned about the emotional or cognitive functioning of someone in the family. (This service remains available.)

Well-meaning family members sometimes try to pressure someone who is demonstrating emotional or cognitive changes into counseling or assessment. However, counseling or assessment is only possible with a person who wants it. Alternatively, 1:1 coaching with me can help you, the family member, learn coping skills to deal better with the person who refuses to get professional help.

For a free phone consultation

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